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Whisper Eve

Sexy Vintage Hanfu Set

Sexy Vintage Hanfu Set

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  • Rediscover the elegance of the past fused with contemporary seduction in our Sexy Vintage Hanfu Set. Crafted from high-quality organza known for its light, airy feel and subtle sheen, this erotic lingerie set channels traditional charm with a bold, sexy twist. The set features a delicately embroidered bellyband, matching panties, and a flowing half-skirt, topped with a lightweight overcoat, each piece exuding an air of sophistication and erotic allure. Perfect for those who admire a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern eroticism, inviting you to unveil your inner desires in style.

    • Material: High-quality organza, offering a light, airy feel with a subtle sheen.
    • Components: Includes an intricately embroidered bellyband, matching panties, a flowing half-skirt, and a lightweight overcoat.
    • Size: One size fits most, ideally suited for individuals weighing between 40-70 kg.
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